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Zhukuai who was beside him stared at him blankly and finally hesitantly spit out a sentence the middle aged man was shocked when he heard the words ning ruyu and fu mo looked at each other and what number is too high for blood sugar they were.

Spirits and started how much is blood sugar monitor to set off after having breakfast with him jiaye city is 104 blood sugar level before breakfast a hundred kilometers away from yuhua city and it takes two days to travel the weather was fine the sun was shining and the wind.

She drank it and then she slept for a while and the fever subsided fu mo could no longer hear the rest of the words and his thoughts were only stopping at the words in front of her thinking that he heard it.

Mo and the others are not ready to say anything else at this time a subordinate came to report something important to the helper fu mo cupped his hands and said since the gang leader has something to do.

Persuaded by her at that will fermented beets raise blood sugar time and will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes did not insist on sending her back especially in the first few nights I often heard her moaning groaning in pain and couldn t sleep but she refused to tell him she just.

During the period ding zhukuai told them that the magistrate had agreed to let him take leave and if there was no accident he could leave tomorrow ning ruyu was so happy to hear that she couldn t help.

Clues they must make a new plan ding zhukuai gasped and nodded agreeing the three of them were resting and all of a sudden dark clouds covered the sky and the sky gradually darkened it s going to rain let s.

You won t give up so easily Stories That Lift will fermented beets raise blood sugar you all have to be careful some people in jianghu are very obsessed with finding treasure maps it is impossible to guarantee that they will listen to yao say do something crazy.

And put down the book suddenly thinking of something she couldn t help it he took out a thumb sized key from the purse at his waist looked at it in the air for a long time frowned and couldn t help but.

Each other she shouted in surprise ruyu putting down the things in her hands she quickly ran to her took her hand and looked mad with surprise aunt ding she hesitated as she looked at the woman who was.

He hadn t answered the question just now so he moved over and took his hand he raised his head to look at him and said what you said just now is true it was rare for him to see her coquettishly dependent on.

Reflecting the towering peaks on both sides ning ruyu gasped for breath wiped the sweat from her forehead raised her eyes to look at the distant hills and mountains or the dense or scattered dwarf 150 blood sugar equals what a1c mountain.

Door and looked up at him sir what s the matter I heard a voice here and came here he explained looking at her strangely ruyu you are not in the room rest what are you doing in ning zhaotou s will fermented beets raise blood sugar room ning ruyu.

Ginger porridge the thing I hate the most is the taste of ginger sir can you replace it with white porridge after a while she thought for a while drinking this is good for your body you can endure it for a.

He gritted his teeth and spent a long time trying to restrain himself from the thought of exploring the fragrance and continued the movements in his hands the moment he took off her red dyed shirt he felt.

It were undulating like mountains and rivers he looked horizontally and vertically but still couldn t understand what was being drawn fu mo urged in a low voice don t worry what should be checked has been.

Lord fu so she is in fu mo s house she had thousands of doubts in her heart to ask opened her mouth and suddenly raised her head where is master fu now master fu has gone out and will be back later said.

Martial arts just let it go yan yu thought more deeply than he did ning chutou and tan chukuai s status in the arena should not be underestimated if someone with a heart knows about yi chunxiang they may.

She was already standing on the top of the mountain looking up at the front a figure with fluttering sleeves stood on the edge of the hazy cliff and turned his head slowly it s the father she couldn t help.

At the small box for a long while her heart pounding and finally she couldn shaking due to blood sugar t help stretching out her trembling hand lying inside is a jade pendant that she is very familiar with a crescent shaped half ring.

Grabbed her and handed her the dagger just now ruyu take this with you for self Low Blood Sugar Symptoms will fermented beets raise blood sugar defense she quickly waved her hand and said this is given to you by my father how can I get it what if it s an important clue.

A hungry wolf foraging for food he smiled and said that s not enough before she finished speaking she froze before she could speak her lips pry her white teeth got into it and the small tongue that outlined.

Something wrong and was wondering in his heart suddenly she raised her head and kissed him on the lips a bit he stared blankly at her idiot she patted him and whispered in his ear sir I m very satisfied.

Gritted her teeth and insisted stubbornly and the regret in his heart deepened when he saw it thinking of this he the fist in his sleeve tightened unconsciously he usually doesn will fermented beets raise blood sugar t get angry easily but this.

With fu zhaotou he sent a letter telling me that he might not be able to come so he asked me to go to yuhua city and give the brocade box to his son ding zhukuai looked at them and said oh yes senior fu has.

Sword before him a slap on the shoulder the man took a step back and spat out a mouthful of blood seeing that the situation was not good he gritted his teeth threw a flying knife from will fermented beets raise blood sugar his waist took.

Us we will definitely be more careful and leave this matter to us his resolute eyes were moved he smiled bitterly and secretly said that he was .

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will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. .

Can Type 2 Diabetics Take Protein Shakes ?

Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift macaroni spike blood sugar How Do You Get Diabetes. will fermented beets raise blood sugar old sighed patted his shoulder and after a while he said you.

Said hesitantly this is where the woman smiled and said this is lord fu s mansion just wake up girl how is will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes your injury oh yes lord fu just told me to boil the medicine and I ll wait a minute I can drink.

Man in black when .

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will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. the man saw this his eyes were fixed on the cloth the movement of holding the knife in his hand loosened and he stretched out his hand without thinking ning ruyu saw the opportunity and.

So serious she frowned didn t she mean that she couldn t go to the yamen again even after her injury was healed although I felt a little regretful in my heart I thought of putting the overall situation.

Forced herself to calm down she clenched her hands tightly in her sleeves trying not to sound flustered who are you you don t care who I am think about it if amlodipine effect on blood sugar you want to survive be obedient otherwise as.

Something to do at night you can go to the front yard to find him du runqi thanked him master zuo is very polite du mou and others are really disturbing he smiled and shook his head and after a while of.

This dagger is just right for you to use you can use it first and then I can change it back when I have finished the weapon if you encounter someone against you again you can use this to deal with it blood pressure low due to low blood sugar but.

Letter she got high blood sugar elderly male 88 from tan chukuai then what is this dagger I don t know about that he shook his head will fermented beets raise blood sugar I haven t opened the will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes brocade box and I don t know what s inside I have never seen this dagger fu mo looked.

Mountain .

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What Is Type 2 Diabetes macaroni spike blood sugar, will fermented beets raise blood sugar High Blood Sugar Symptoms Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. with du runqi he gritted his teeth and faced fu mo he cupped his hands and said earnestly I know that your lord will fermented beets raise blood sugar is also investigating the matter of yichunxiang zuo begged the lord to let me follow.

Now my lord you better let him go back quickly how are you all right he frowned and said solemnly you don t know that you were covered in blood last night and you were also poisoned by the man in black and.

Her eyes on his old fashioned big bed and moved it out through gritted teeth she remembered that when she was healthy borderline diabetic eating for blood sugar problems a child she was playing marbles in her room and the bead rolled to the bottom of the bed by.

You really not remember by the way why don t you see ning caotou are you alone will fermented beets raise blood sugar I ning .

Can Banana Lower Blood Sugar

will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. ruyu was a little confused by his series of questions and didn t know which to answer hearing him asking about his.

Dared to go to the yamen again fu mo s heart sank but she said will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes calmly aunt ding ruyu s courage has always been this small she nodded sharply and sighed but the movements of her hands did not stop she has.

The jade pendant staring at it this is the jade pendant that she has been wearing on her body in her previous life and she is absolutely sure that she will not admit her mistake because it was this jade.

Last night why would someone in black want to kill you she slowed he shook his head slowly told him what happened last night and murmured father never mentioned anything about the treasure map to me I don t.

You can hide things will fermented beets raise blood sugar the man said in the future you can .

Does Low Blood Sugar Affect Your Eyesight

Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift macaroni spike blood sugar How Do You Get Diabetes. hide anything you want put it inside so no one will know this is our family s secret please remember not to tell others know do you know the little.

Had a dream she has been thinking about going home thing she blood sugar chart in pregnancy always felt that the macaroni spike blood sugar How To Prevent Diabetes dream was implying something however fu mo thought that she had been too homesick recently thinking about her dreams every.

Drinking more a few cups aunt ding persuaded her a few words and suddenly her eyes fell on her bowl and she said in surprise ruyu I remember you used to not like beef ning ruyu was stunned and quickly.

While and you won t need to drink it again when your illness is cured after a while of persuading her she finally relaxed mouth frowning and drinking the ginger porridge then he got up stretched his hands.

Medicine hammer shoulders etc aunt xu you don t need to send it I m leaving this afternoon she went will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes to xu lao chau kuai s house as usual macaroni spike blood sugar How To Prevent Diabetes and helped her until the sun went down and then she said goodbye and.

Wash and decoct looking at the fire aunt ding came in at some point and smelled the medicine said somewhat surprised fu chukuai who is this medicine for he returned the salute What Is Diabetes macaroni spike blood sugar to her and said ruyu caught a.

Find a day the yamen informed the magistrate about his father s death how can I say that my father is still the catcher of jiaye city I have to tell the yamen about such a big thing I didn t expect them all.

Behind seeing that the knife on the ground flew out blocking her way she panted and looked at the man in black in front of her angry at him he really had murderous intentions and panicked what should she do.

At her wound and then checked the pulse on her hand fortunately the poisoning is not very deep so I immediately took gauze a towel poured a basin of water and eagerly herbs to reduce blood sugar and carefully cut the clothes on her.

Secretly guard the mansion and catch the turtle in the urn fu mo s fingers tapped lightly .

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Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift macaroni spike blood sugar How Do You Get Diabetes. on the table unconsciously his deep eyes flashed and he listened to their discussion calmly it was not until they.

First so I nodded obediently fu mo seemed to see her thoughts and he held her hand and said warmly I ll make it clear to lord chen at the yamen side you can rest in peace here seeing that her face was still.

Is too powerful come on cut iron like mud uncle ding was also a little surprised by the dagger mighty the eyes on it suddenly changed and after thinking for a while since ning chaotou told the 8 week blood sugar diet download me to give it to.

The moment his hand touched the cloth she slammed into his face a sprinkle my eyes the man screamed and covered his face she took the opportunity to break free is blood sugar of 200 too high from his restraints and ran out quickly crying.

The mountain is handsome and green and there are more than a dozen families scattered from the foot of the mountain after a few days of trekking the initial energy has gradually worn off ning ruyu looked up.

Days she was wondering if her immunity was too low he was funny he took a travel journal from the shelf and gave it to her then you are in the room let s read some books I ll take the bowl out and wash it.

Been like this since she was a child can maybe ning zhaotou always handled cases in the yamen when he was a child ignored her no one played with her and gradually developed such a withdrawn temperament but.

Soon as she finished .

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will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. speaking she felt the .

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What Is Type 2 Diabetes macaroni spike blood sugar, will fermented beets raise blood sugar High Blood Sugar Symptoms Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart. force of the knife on her neck and there was a faint stinging pain on her skin ning ruyu s tone sank what are you doing ning zhaotou s daughter with a sneer at the.

Ning ruyu looked at each other and thought for a while you re right since gang master yan personally requested the yamen so be it she suddenly does aldosterone increase blood sugar said you said the man in black who poisoned the hall master Low Blood Sugar Symptoms will fermented beets raise blood sugar is.

And healthy morning blood sugar levels reaching out to touch him the scene changed suddenly she exclaimed and a heavy fog fascinated her eyes after the fog cleared the scene that appeared was still the same room but the man was gone only the.

And I ll drink it when will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes it s What Is Diabetes macaroni spike blood sugar cold at this time fu mo came in from the outside and when she woke up her eyes lit up and she walked quickly to before the bed he looked at her nervously ruyu you re awake how do.

The house when she heard a knock on the door it was a little strange that someone would look for her and open the door only to see a few men in suits outside the door and one of them was at the city gate.

Troubles the servants in the village are too busy and the guards will inevitably be slack which gives people an opportunity to take advantage zhang zhang s face was gloomy fu mo frowned and said nothing but.

She took out the baidu pill from her arms will fermented beets raise blood sugar and said that it could relieve the poison on her will fermented beets raise blood sugar body then she wrote a prescription to give the six fingered thief a prescription and asked him to go to the.

Stunned and a hint of distress flashed in his eyes .

How To Quickly Lower Blood Sugar Level

macaroni spike blood sugar How To Lower Blood Sugar Blood Sugar Monitor will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift. gently rubbed on her wound are my wounds ugly she said suddenly not ugly he blurted out only at the end did he realize what he had said and his face couldn.

Afraid at all instead she straightened up to meet him and said somewhat provocatively what proof does mr fu have to prove his identity do you want to prove it too many after thinking for a while he suddenly.

Worried ruyu you must hold on he forced himself to calm down turned blood sugar levels in gestational diabetes his head and said to luo an right now go to luo shan pai to find doctor du hurry up luo an he nodded and headed out quickly fu mo looked.

Them one by one it may take some time this is the plan that yan yu and zhang zhang and others discussed overnight zhang zhang did not agree with such a big fight at first don t care about their jianghu.

Surprises but they were soon relieved as long as someone was there he said cheerfully if that s the case then we will fermented beets raise blood sugar have to continue to trouble doctor du doctor du shook his fan sect master yan don t dislike.

The arena fu mo was really taken aback and said solemnly ruyu how did you find out so she said it again then I remembered that I will fermented beets raise blood sugar had been here when I was a child I removed the bed and saw the box inside i.

Don t worry I will always be by your side and I will never let anyone hurt you again she is a woman and she has no martial arts skills and he is not very familiar with jiaye city so he is always worried.

Pendant if so does that mean .

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will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. that she can go back to the modern age her heart skipped a beat this jade pendant shocked her too much she kept her original posture for a long time and finally came back to her.

Tea the middle aged man waved his hand and asked them how the qianya mountain was steep and uninhabited come here to play fu mo smiled and said a few words casually after thinking about it for a while i.

Was actually zuo xiuren the head of the luoshan faction lord fu zuo xiuren bowed to him hall master left why is he here fu mo returned the salute while thinking and looked at du shenyi signs of hypoglycemia in dogs with some doubts and.

To come the couple chatted with each other for a while knowing that she was cleaning the house just now they all volunteered to help no matter how she refused to listen to remove the weeds and dust inside.

Thief luo an why is he here the two fought more and more fiercely and the swords collided making a crisp sound luo an turned around lightly avoiding his sword glow turning his body forward picking up his.

Belly was about to be sucked by him that he relaxed a little and turned to licking licking her lips she high level of blood sugar cause tiinitus said in a low voice ruyu you say am I your future husband eh uh she was a little pissed no way ah.

Long after the three got up a servant knocked on the door and invited them to have a meal when they got there yan yu and zuo xiuren were already waiting at shanwu hall several people chatted for a while and.

This time he took the fan and shook it fasting and lowering blood sugar gently in the wind when she fell asleep there was steady breathing and he just left quietly ning ruyu was half asleep and half awake when she heard his footsteps.

The mouth and does blood sugar rise with uti fell to the macaroni spike blood sugar How To Prevent Diabetes ground trembling after a while I died like this and was seen by ruyu she fainted with fright that night I had a high fever and started talking nonsense in bed which scared us half.

Back alone and kept asking why she didn t see ning zhaotou she was silent for a while not wanting to tell her the truth after pondering for a while she roughly said that her father had died of illness in.

For ruyu to help a large table of dishes was quickly prepared and at this time ding chukuai just happened to be back from the yamen and the four of them sat down and ate together chatting and laughing.

Pattern on the key and suddenly a flash of light flashed across her mind which was fleeting she patted the table by the way why didn t she think of it she hurried to her father s room looked around locked.

Urged them to go to rest first and talk about what happened tomorrow after everything was arranged she left ning ruyu gratefully sent her to the door took out the cinnamon stick in water to decrease blood sugar good wine she specially prepared for uncle.

This secret as soon as they left the yard the two met when she arrived at aunt ding aunt ding held her worriedly ruyu why did you come out if you didn t potatoes effect on blood sugar lie down on the bed ning ruyu hurriedly said aunt.

Secretly stuffed two steamed buns from the window for me otherwise I will be hungry all night she smiled and casually said something about her childhood which made her laugh no longer entangled in this.

Girl nodded in understanding the moment the man raised his head and looked out the window she took a deep breath after seeing his face clearly isn t this father she was shocked involuntarily walking over.

Movements stopped there and it took a long time for him to convince himself to continue nose between the wings is the unique fragrant fragrance of her body and what he touches is her warm and delicate what to eat when your blood sugar is 233 skin.

Privately begged the yamen for assistance hoping to find out the truth I thought that the man Low Blood Sugar Symptoms will fermented beets raise blood sugar in black might join us if it is related to the investigation he agreed to his request you how about will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes fu mo and.

Come here watch them mount and say goodbye to them when their figures disappeared on the road he looked into the distance and suddenly will fermented beets raise blood sugar said a quick catch without a case is it really that powerful hearing.

And stood up immediately and said thank you sir zuo is very grateful will fermented beets raise blood sugar what is your order for zuo to do how does bitter melon reduce blood sugar now then several people began to discuss how to start next du runqi he thinks that the most important.

Reacted laughed a few times ohi ve eaten out a few times and slowly I liked it pretending to be calm he continued to eat the beef in the bowl turn out to be in this way I still remember that you didn t like.

The news of the royal tiger order will my father s death have anything to do with this royal tiger order he nodded okay although he had agreed to go to panluo city it had been two or three days and he had.

Was going to cook some gruel for her and then pick some ginger and scallions mixed together it is both appetizing and cold while washing rice she said to fu mo in the past when ruyu was sick the favorite.

Said to fu mo the toxins in miss ning s body have been cleaned up it s just that she has lost too much blood now and her body is very weak it is best to stay in bed these days recuperate speaking of which.

Someone would dare to attack you if it was pursued it would be me who was to blame if I accompany you back then you won t be hurt he has been with her in the past few days he low blood sugar in newborn boiled medicine for her.

Of the alliance is really hidden inside when will we be able to find him those martial arts practitioners in those days were just because there were too many villages and it was too steep and difficult so i.

On my wound will you dislike it me no he said in a serious tone as long as it is you no matter what you become I will never dislike you real she couldn t help turning her head to look at his expression at.

Behind her trying to kill her but I don t know what happened someone wanted to kill her his eyes suddenly shrank and turned cold he hurriedly carried her into the room and found that her back was stained.

Her voice trembling the man behind her seemed to sneer and the movements of her hands slowed down isn t it alright if I said it earlier say where s the treasure map here in the hall I ll take you there ning.

Villages she couldn t help saying this qianya mountain is really too big my lord then but how can I find it if you search for them one by one I m afraid you won t be able to find them in a few months fu mo.

Snapped the sound is on holding up the candlelight I looked forward and saw that it was just a neatly folded old crepe cloth what is this he whispered in surprise picked it up and saw that the ink .

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will fermented beets raise blood sugar Blood Sugar, High Blood Sugar macaroni spike blood sugar What Is Type 1 Diabetes. lines on.

Took over the rice she had picked up aunt ding let me come you can do your business aunt ding refused so he had to let him do it however he nodded secretly in his heart and there was a glimmer of.

Cliff and then I searched down the lower reaches of the river fu mo nodded and stared at the map for a while this time we will go up swim away ding chukuai couldn t help but said this even if the leader of.

This time but unexpectedly the big movement made the little white rabbit under her pink tube top jump and fu mo who was half a head taller than her just happened to do this putting it in his eyes completely.

Simple and maybe it will set off a bloody storm they can use this to inquire about the inside story and seize the opportunity on this side after yan yu made a suggestion fu mo got up and said although he.

Accident so she crawled in and found that the sound of the bead hitting the ground was different from that outside she groped to the place following her memory tapped it with her fingers and sure enough.

Can I find it for him three bloodshot has oozing from her neck wait wait ning .

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Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift macaroni spike blood sugar How Do You Get Diabetes. ruyu immediately shouted I know where the treasure map is I ll take macaroni spike blood sugar How To Prevent Diabetes it now you don t don t kill me she pretended to be afraid.

Asked him about the situation of the people on the mountain and the route to go out and I quickly became familiar with it the man told them that there were only a few families on the mountain will fermented beets raise blood sugar and will fermented beets raise blood sugar How To Know If You Have Diabetes they were.

Mountain to senior fu is there any mystery here and this dagger what kind of token will fermented beets raise blood sugar ding chukuai looked around cautiously said in a low voice qianyashan do you know what it means after getting their nods he.

Be sure that the blood sugar basics first aid treasure map was like in the hands of the father her heart sank slightly and for the first time she felt blood sugar level of 300 after eating that there were many secrets hidden in her father summoning the gathering the royal.

At it carefully and when his heart moved he took out a flying knife from his waist and slashed it lightly with the dagger and the does jeera water reduce blood sugar flying knife seemed to be broken into two pieces she exclaimed this dagger.

Dissatisfaction in her tone before they were not together she called him lord but now they are already together after so long she still can t change her name she was startled I m used to it I think it s.

Luoshan to send .

Can Type 1 Diabetics Eat Hot Dogs

Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar What Is Normal Blood Sugar, macaroni spike blood sugar. doctor du and it should be here soon you go called doctor average diabetic blood sugar du to come back ning ruyu was taken aback and hurriedly declined no if he leaves what will happen to cha yichunxiang I m all right.

Rolled too far out of her hands so she crawled in she opened her eyes wide just as she was about to see what she was doing the strong wind blew up What Is Diabetes macaroni spike blood sugar again and blew the picture macaroni spike blood sugar How To Prevent Diabetes away when she came will fermented beets raise blood sugar to her senses.

Work and flew up in the evening fu mo returned to the mansion after finishing his official business and was writing a book I was reading a book in the room when I heard a hurried knock on the door outside.

Confirming that the poison in his body has basically dissipated he said goodbye to fu mo luo an and the others set what to eat to help low blood sugar off together let s talk about ning ruyu s side after fu mo reported leave to the yamen for.

Helping her change her clothes last blood sugar level 53 night she blurted out the question fu mo s back was hot he avoided her eyes and lowered his head and said you are injured like that naturally you have to change your.

Since you disappeared we have been looking for your whereabouts where have you been in the past few years why haven t you shown up and instead have been hiding in the mountains his hands tightened and he.

Be careful act du runqi said with a smile don t worry will fermented beets raise blood sugar miss ning this is not the first time that this kind of thing has happened and it will Stories That Lift will fermented beets raise blood sugar not be discovered evidence said to put on the veil looked outside.

There was a fixed vase with a small bowl at the mouth the box taken out is a locked wooden box but this will fermented beets raise blood sugar is not difficult for du runqi he took out a silver needle and fiddled with will fermented beets raise blood sugar it a few times and the lock.

Their waist cards their status in the arena is no less than that what are normal blood sugar levels for adults of any sect leader naturally know and even deal with them he stared at will fermented beets raise blood sugar it for a moment before he believed it ding zhukuai continued leader.

Inner desire if she stayed for a while the weather was a little hot at night and when I slept in the middle of the night a burst of hot air rose from my body ning ruyu frowned and when she touched her back.

The door and let them wait in the house for a while while he went into the inner room after a while he came out with a brocade box she scratched her head and said puzzledly uncle ding you called us here so.

Yuhua city the .

How Can Lack Of Sleep Contribute To Diabetes

Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar will fermented beets raise blood sugar Stories That Lift macaroni spike blood sugar How Do You Get Diabetes. leaders of the alliance should know each otherthese two will be separated it is fu chutou s son fu mo fu chukuai and ning zuotou s daughter ning girl he was afraid that he would not believe.

At night we always turn on the lights to fall asleep and kill chickens I don t even dare to watch anything like killing fish I remember one time when miss ning went to deliver meals to the yamen and ning.

You feel now does the wound still hurt there was undisguised distress on his face she shook her head weakly I nothing seeing this the woman quietly closed the door and went out after she left ning ruyu.

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