Who We Are

We are a community of people that believe in stories that lift up the world and the people in it.


We are a community of people that love stories and share about the ones we enjoy.  We make it easier to find great stories to consume because of our community and a database that allows people to search for stories in interesting ways like when they are traveling and want to learn about the culture through thrilling books.
We are also a community that collaborates to make great stories. The Stories That Lift community develops, produces, and markets transmedia stories that grow and grow like the Marvel Comic Universe.
The people partaking in and participating in our stories grow emotionally, spiritually & mentally. Our audiences go to local screenings of our movies with live experiences that enhance the screening.
At one event, people are in costumes of the characters from the comics they’ve read and movie they are about to see. There’s a mini-set with pieces that look like a setting from the story where people can take pictures and share on social media. There are artists painting faces, dressing hair, and applying henna tattoos like character designs from the story.
Some of the audience members are super-excited because they’ve been reading the blog of one of the characters for years. In a few months they are taking a trip designed around themes from the story and taking part in positive change initiatives on their journey.
The people in our community and watching our stories work together to help accomplish change initiatives. Change initiatives go from personal – creating more sustainable happiness in your life – to global – the UN’s sustainable development goals.


We share and create stories to help people get through this difficult, beautiful life. We create connection through stories.


We make stories for people who love laughing, adventure, action, and thrills. We work with partners who care about making the best stories that serve the audiences the stories are made for and their communities.


We write and produce articles and content for other people’s media sites, our blog, YouTube, and social media channels. We support and share producers, artists, writers, and products and services in the story space (and with Lift Your World in more spaces). 
We co-create workshops that help storytellers be the best they can be and tell the greatest stories they possibly can.
We produce stories and storyworlds that connect into universes. We create great stories using story quality parameters, working with incredible artists and writers, and using our positive culture and innovative processes. We co-produce blogs, social media accounts, podcast series, comic books, movies, TV shows, games, social impact marketing campaigns, and live experiences. Our stories often include entertainment education in fun and exciting ways.
We produce traveling experiences where people adventure together, volunteer together, and/or have intense conversations together (with help from the Center for Non-Violence, Holbrook, Priya Parker (The Art of Gathering), the sustainable train in India, The Peace Corp, PCI (entertainment education non-profit).
We have popup storefronts at conventions. Participants enjoy booths with awe-inspiring displays that feature our offerings and merchandise that has to do with the stories we make and the social impact areas in them, and celebrations we observe. We ship the stuff in-stead of making people walk around with heavy things. We give them a photo and some stories about the things they purchased that they can take with them and display when they are reviewing their finds – lightweight and portable, but awe-inspiring and emotional, and tap into multiple senses like hearing and seeing.
We have virtual storefronts where you enter another world. In one example, the store looks like a steampunk library with media collections and art audiences can buy. People can ask the librarian about cultures they want to explore and the librarian shares comic books, books, TV shows, movies, games, and art you can consume.
We make inventions like the virtual whiteboard room and my matrix, and fund the transmedia database and the Lift Our World database. 

Definition & Slogan

We are a community of story-fans and story-makers. We co-create stories that lift by gaining wisdom from the best stories, the best storytellers, and our community and working with the best storytellers, artists, and organizations.

Lifting our world with new stories, exploring the best stories, and understanding super storytellers.