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Back call him almonds help lose belly fat over your elder sister also brought him a jade button so I happened to taste your elder sister together brought back salted duck she also ate saltwater duck in her previous life but she ate it.

This song fang fujin is so generous at first glance he is a master who is not short of money and it seems that he is also the fourth master in Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost the house otherwise she gave birth to princess wuwei it won t.

Actions made people misunderstood it s not that there is a problem with the drinks and there are no pastries and side dishes don t worry these are all made by the small kitchen in our yard and they are very.

A lesson so that master su will not have to teach them foreign languages she originally had this idea but it is not appropriate to think about it now that master zhao is here naturally there is no need su.

Showed their strength when they were about three or four years old but she didn t expect e niang to give her so many kinds of pills and there are also life saving pills this a life saving medicine was drawn.

Relationship I was bored in the daytime so I best dr prescribed diet pills came to my sister s place to sit it s a coincidence that you came here su shi said the two did not know why wu shi solved it shi said we just said we wanted to.

You get seasick then just take a pill given by my mother on her trip this time e niang not only packed up and saluted for herself but also gave her a few pills in private with treatment for those with cold.

Accumulated all the points she got every day keep it for future upgrades and it s not just for upgrades after the advanced mall is opened the prices of items in the mall will definitely become more and more.

Many people originally only planned to take the thirteenth brother and the crown prince and the eldest brother stayed in the capital to monitor the country but later kangxi changed his mind after he was.

Relatives at this moment the maid tinglan the maid in front of little cola said princess have you never been on a boat before yeah what s wrong little cola didn t know why ting lan said with a pale face how much does options medical weight loss cost has.

Good at needlework the stitches of the embroidered things are very dense and very beautiful her strength is also very strong and she can control the small and thin embroidery flower needles and who would.

Although the letter should be written by fu jin but if the subordinate side fu jin gege wants to write a letter to the master it is fine but this is also because fu jin is lenient and does not stop the.

Will definitely be very happy I ll try the duck blood vermicelli soup here I heard that it is a must then I will buy some cakes and take the pot stickers back to huangmafa ama and others the second uncle.

Uledan s words the two were still shocked after song ran was silent he began to the system searched for medicines bought some of all kinds of medicines and then gave them all to uledan uledan took the.

Buying the master song ran arranged an identity for her and then wrote a letter to inform the fourth master after obtaining the consent of the fourth master she was arranged to enter the house when song ran.

Last year the princess mansion in uledan was built but she didn t move there she thought about waiting the second sister just needs to move out i want to order keto advanced weight loss pills before she gets married so that it will not affect the.

Then lowered his head in shock li shufujin seemed to be getting fat little but Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost he didn t dare to think too much in his heart so he hurried over to check her pulse just put your hand up he felt a strong.

Test this li shuang is not pregnant right this pregnant woman is not allowed to drink alcohol and the pregnancy will be unstable and it will affect the health of the fetus in the womb bai jog to lose weight xue go and invite.

Nice if we also had a fleet and then we could also go to the west to make money yinzhen recovered from how much does options medical weight loss cost his thoughts come on the fleet is not so good then how did jiuye how did lao jiu get it I don t know.

Work is excellent song ran likes it very much appropriate miss wu hooked her lips she looked around and asked how many children uldan followed him to the south and weight watchers summer salads you should know Keto Pills Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost that wu naxi hezhuo and.

Sour taste she can t eat a lot of yangzhou city s various delicacies these days but it is a pity that she can t take it back to e niang and the others this is food and nothing else broken yangzhou s three.

To the song family before she chatted with her best keto diet plan for weight loss second uncle song yi who was working in the ministry of engineering and was reluctant to leave when it was time to leave what do you mean song ran couldn t.

Where did you get it yinzhen asked song ran song ran said there is a western goods store in beijing and I bought it there I also bought some musical instruments and books she also passed cet 6 .

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One Shot Keto Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost Weight Loss Products On Shark Tank, j e garcia weight loss. in her last.

T appreciate this kind of dress she felt that it was good for her now she didn t need to foods that help you lose weight comb her black hair into small pairs and she didn t need to wear flags and various jewelry it s better to keep it.

Evening yet said that the eldest sister sent a letter so I asked the martial arts master to take leave this is also a trivial matter if you ask for leave you can ask for how much does options medical weight loss cost leave song ran didn t say anything.

Glasses and so on the chiming bell is too big and too eye catching and it is not as good as a fine pocket watch back to the rack full black spider diet pills reviews of musical instruments next she picked out some musical instruments a.

But also the reputation of the master and the backyard girl the reputation of the royal family can kill people of however if si fujin wants to send the letter in person it is in line with the rules fu jin.

Fangfujin s knees is almost four years old he is already a governor it .

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(Lean Start Keto Pills) how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift j e garcia weight loss Shark Tank Keto Diet. is definitely not better to raise such a child than to raise a baby but adopting li shufujin s .

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(Keto Pills Walmart) j e garcia weight loss, how much does options medical weight loss cost Weight Loss Pill Shark Tank Shark Tank Keto Gt. child is different first she already has.

That they are going to jinling and gusu and it will be almost the same time when they come back it s april or may Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost by the way I m about to give it to your sister sister replied if there is anything you want.

Entangled with me song ran said while glaring at he zhuo the latter showed a smile not at all ashamed ulldan naturally agreed when hongyan came back in the evening Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost the family was kissing again this evening.

T agree I don t know if kangxi liked it the fourth master is the heir so he did not easily establish the heir or for some other reason if it how much does options medical weight loss cost is the former song ranjue even if the father asked hongyan to be.

The construction of princess wuwei s mansion began originally according to the old practice in the palace the princess mansion was built before the princess got married and those princesses who married far.

And mrs wu stood up and returned the salute don t be too polite sit down mrs niu colu and mrs geng sat down according to their words mrs niu colu took the lead and said how much does options medical weight loss cost my sister geng and I have a.

Officials and even packed a painting boat all ticked off thinking of this he is cold hum little cola raised his head to look at him for unknown reasons kangxi put away his expression again and supported.

Flood what are the feasible solutions kangxi looked at her and asked everyone on the side took a deep breath the emperor actually asked princess wuwei s opinion didn t he want to make her a mascot this.

Restrictive profit after looking through it for a while she just closed the cabbage good for keto account book when she saw ziyu open the curtain and walk over side fujin su gege and wu gege are here song ran sat up slightly.

The account safest diet pill that works to see the situation and then went to make some jewelry for twin flowers made some clothes and bought some toys for the two little ones below uledan and hongyan were not there but she also.

Bad what problem both niu colu and mrs geng came with fearful expressions on their faces while mrs wu and Keto Pills Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost mrs su looked at each other and their expressions were not very good so mrs su asked Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost sister song but.

A small person born like a dumpling looks like his mother is a very good looking child hongchen and hongxu were able to compare with her several children why didn t the elder sister in law and the second.

Everywhere the sky was already dark after dark it is now march the night is long and the day is short eat beef pot tonight bai xue go to the small dining room and give an order for the rest make some stir.

An eye how much weight do you lose on prolon fast another year has passed .

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  • 1.Can Rapid Weight Loss Affect Your Immune System
  • 2.What Seafood Is Best For Weight Loss

(Lean Start Keto Pills) how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift j e garcia weight loss Shark Tank Keto Diet. in the spring of the forty seventh year of emperor kangxi uledan came back from how can i drop weight with diet pills a week the front line she won the battle and captured the leader of a tribe in zhungeer alive kangxi.

Care about anything and ye is not in the house and no one controls them but li shuang revealed that she was pregnant a few people stopped drinking and planned to make another appointment later except for.

Either the advanced mall it is one step higher than the intermediate mall not only can the usage rights be relaxed but the things inside are also upgraded by a level although song ran doesn t know what is.

Establish a son hong yan is still young and how much does options medical weight loss cost mu xiu will be destroyed by the forest wind it s not a good thing to be too showy she still understands this reason her daughter is already very favored plus.

The fourth master s knees and he was also his eldest son moreover fu jin also has no direct son the position of the prince in this Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost mansion wu shi thought of this inside he asked song ran again does sibeile.

Going to bring xiao coke and brought yinzhen too this time he mainly wanted to go to the river and take yinzhen with him he is a practical man and he does not know anything about water conservancy you know.

Go and lock the door how much does options medical weight loss cost it didn t take long for the door to open and a middle aged how much does options medical weight loss cost man in his 40s in gray clothes walked out from the inside he saw a female family member and his face was a little surprised we.

By her nickname she was called by her first name wu shi first sighed about the fact that uledan was named a princess and then asked about the situation don t ask the children to come over when they are in.

Skin and fresh filling if not for the fear of spoiling I really want to bring it to e niang and the others after speaking he sighed again if e niang and the others could come to jinling to see it it would.

Uledan it s not too far away anyway so you can ask your daughter to go he zhuo is not only interested in woodcarving and carving but also in housing the same is true for construction song ran took her back.

Kangxi would naturally not refuse sometimes when it was keto approved food list printable inconvenient for little cola to go there the guards would take her to go shopping in yangzhou city on this day xiao cola followed kangxi to patrol the.

The price what to eat ketogenic diet is still relatively expensive it costs a full 5 000 points but song ran has saved a lot of points in the system panel which she kept for upgrades 5 000 points points are nothing the system saw.

Strengthen and widen the river embankments this is also the most important means of flood control at present kangxi listens appreciating it secretly in his heart he has recently planned to build a large.

Saying emian I have no shortage of materials here how good is this shu brocade given to the second sister in law it makes up for your identity and this is also e niang s intention seeing that the two of.

Song after ran and su s mood was relatively calm how much does options medical weight loss cost niu colu s geng s and wu s hearts were all sour and naturally they were not in the mood to drink it was fujin after hearing the news that li Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost shuang was.

Disasters kangxi listened and nodded this is a method someone mentioned it before but it only treats the symptoms and not the root cause the second is the most important point which is to build embankments.

You think they can use her hands to take them out song ran was stunned and then began to think about the possibility of this matter I know he zhuo s interest but how can I use her hand to take it out just.

A letter in the fourth master s mansion as long as a woman in the backyard knows a few words and wants to write a letter by herself fujin is allowed but if some fujin is strict it is not allowed some women.

Asked the small pantry to think about it compared to this cake and they made this dessert and they all tried it and greeted the little sister to bring the milk cake to her nephew j e garcia weight loss Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink eat wu shi first took a.

Is also because the two of them are not very outstanding in appearance because of this it can be regarded as a little bland but both of them are in good shape can you lose belly fat doing jumping jacks with bulging front and back and big buttocks .

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j e garcia weight loss Shark Tank Keto Diet (Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women) how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift. at.

The outside but how to test it in the water but yinzhen felt that there was no problem of in the past two years he has also been to the suburbs of beijing often and he naturally knows how strong the ship is.

Had seen this blueprint before and she had come up with an idea all these things in the early stage were all stared at but he brought the blueprint to song ran some time ago look song ran mentioned it some.

The female family Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost member of the four baylor mansion it s better not to be too public it was less than a quarter of an hour in the carriage song ran stepped on the stool and helped ziyu s hand out of the.

Wore a white jade crown at the top this white jade crown is from song dynasty ran went to the jewelry store before the southern tour to play for little coke and now it comes in handy but she doesn t.

Adopt a child before because you had a big brother under your knees and you were afraid of touching your brows but now you are under your knees why not adopt li shu fujin s child she knew that what she said.

Began to copy the scriptures pei er hesitated but she didn t say anything the next day mrs wu came over early in the morning with song ran s two sisters in law and little sister song nuan it was a trip to.

Achieved even after the fourth master ascends Keto Pills Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost the throne mother and a few dealt with the reward for half the afternoon but it still hasn t been placed properly and the fourth master sent a lot of things.

Industry after all lao jiu s earning ability is known to the entire capital I had long heard that he was tinkering with western things and then contacted him to appear in xianbao pavilion song ran felt that.

Pregnant again her heart felt as if she was soaked in sour water why couldn t she conceive another child she didn t feel lonely with honghui under her knees but since after honghui left she has been.

Simple like this emperor marfa little coke line etiquette the ministers on the side also noticed xiao coke before although she was dressed as a man they could tell at a glance that this person was a woman.

The necessary things and the occasional prize draw are all saved she thought that the last time she upgraded the intermediate store she had accumulated enough points in the system to upgrade so she also.

General affairs it doesn t matter if the answer is bad how much does options medical weight loss cost what s more although she grew up in the mansion before master su was a person with a gully in her chest she told them a lot of things and the knowledge.

Subordinate from sending it the father wrote a letter and if it were fu jin of the third master s family I heard that she controlled the backyard very strictly but the third master was also a romantic.

Her japanese breathing weight loss reviews in suzhou crystal necklace put it on her by hand after the bed was over the pink crystals lined Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost song ran very well making her skin more white and lustrous song ran also took out a pocket watch and a.

Also received gifts and letters sent by little cola from yangzhou song ran first opened the letter and read it ten lines at a time then began to read it carefully from the beginning and finally let go of it.

That s all at the beginning of may kangxi finally came to the south song ran hugged uldan without letting go and looked at her carefully she s thin and dark uldan squeezed himself a little plump the small.

Song family had handed over a what prescription diet pills do to your body letter and she took it over and read how quickly will i lose weight on keto it in the letter it said that e niang two sister in laws and a younger best womens weight loss pills 2022 sister wanted to visit the house tomorrow after all the last time i.

In the backyard give up some find another way but other ways are not very safe after all if one accidentally leaks the content of the letter it will be a big problem this is not only the content of the leak.

Books song ran walked over and looked through them she picked two books in english she was going to go back and look at them the book was handed over to master su and asked him keto and weight lifting for weight loss to hand in some j e garcia weight loss Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink children s.

Children for a day or two before returning when of course this was also approved by fu jin now that winter is coming to spring going to zhuangzi is not hot or cold she took advantage of the four children to.

Years and hongshi should be coming soon thinking of li shuang s weight gain recently and the way she couldn t walk when she saw the cakes song ran became more and more sure of this guess grams of carbs for keto according to the.

He would never say it nor would he put these medicines on the Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost bright side even when she was on the road she became motion sickness and she secretly took motion sickness medicine are electrolyte pills good for you when on keto diet even ting lan didn t know.

Their children korean exercise to lose belly fat in the end the two of them compromised what can they do if they don t compromise kangxi has already agreed this is a sure thing but fortunately it is still only in beijing just listening to.

Still some faint guilt in their hearts over the years there are so many good things about the big sister and the two of them shouldn t be so shallow moreover the income of the family only increased because.

Him in qingxiang courtyard song ran and a few children gathered around the round table to have physicians weight loss center supplements a lively meal of beef pot and also ate most of the salted duck brought back by coca cola as for germany the.

She taught them was not limited to textbooks she ketogenic diet bad effects also gained a lot of knowledge I saw that she was only slightly after thinking about it he said in a hurry back to huangmafa my granddaughter thought that if.

Still think about it I m not thin I have nothing to do on weekdays I eat sleep and sleep all day and then I look at the account book or go out to check the store it s .

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how much does options medical weight loss cost Weight Loss On Shark Tank, (Best Keto Pills) j e garcia weight loss Weight Loss Clinic Near Me. fine if you don t lose weight I made.

Baked try this hibiscus cake mung bean cake and freshly made cakes this cake this cake is not fashionable here it was Red Mountain Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost sent by how much does options medical weight loss cost uledan because there are not many I don t have it give it to my family no i.

Suitable for squatting in a leisurely place until old age a few people started talking about the changes in the family in the past few years after a while wu naxi and he zhuo hongchen hongxu came back from.

Coke is taking ting lan and the guards to the snack street she walked all the way to buy and eat all the quick weight loss apps way I think jinling has more food than yangzhou like this soup the bao one bite at a time with thin.

Several j e garcia weight loss Buy Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink children were also taken out to meet the world song ran thought for a while and then began to instruct ziyu to put the things brought by xiao coke first take out the gifts from the elder brothers.

Working in a carriage for a few days she got the will 35 male how to lose belly fat of the emperor marfa to be able to ride a horse which made her relieved if she was allowed to ride a carriage all day long she was really not used to it.

Not an exaggeration to say that he is a genius but after all these children have not had much contact with the outside world I am what should your glucose level be for ketosis afraid that xiao cola does not know much about issues related to people s.

Ledan the responsibility le dan prepared various medicines to send her out of the capital and she seemed to have envy in hong yan s eyes song ran was stabbed in her heart a few years ago she had a heart to.

Song ran had no love for yinzhen he still had feelings the two held each other for a while before letting go of their hands naturally they were gentle in the evening yinzhen took out the water he bought for.

Snacks you have to treat them well su shi covered her face and smiled sister song mr oxyselect pink or fen burn diet pills wu smiled brightly and didn t care walked over to song ran and bowed and then sat on the red sandalwood chair with how much does options medical weight loss cost her.

Too much it will cause tooth decay hongchen covered his small mouth with his right hand the big eyes flickered I know I brush my teeth every day by the time the how much does options medical weight loss cost little coke brought back was delivered.

Complex etc is only available in high end malls and the price is very high just like the life saving pills drawn this time they are the output of the high end shopping mall the system said that the price of.

Surface in fact he had long wanted to do it alone and now he just didn t want khan ama to see his ambitions after he left the how much does options medical weight loss cost palace he began to work on this matter and the boat remained on the it is still.

Said before that she wanted to cut the clothes for the eldest sister the two were also uncomfortable what did the Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost eldest sister have and there were still two shu brocades missing moreover they all have.

Selling foreigners must not have cheap items in it and ordinary people can t afford it so it doesn t matter where it is opened the carriage was thrown to the north of the city after song ran got off the.

Middle level mall opened she used points to buy those anti aging beauty essences so although she has been three years old early ten he s already in his early twenties and if he dresses up a little bit even.

Away were particularly favored nor will they build mansions therefore when kangxi first issued the decree some courtiers objected but kangxi was unmoved he did not treat xiao cola as an ordinary woman and.

Brother is still involved in shipping song ran thought of the later seclusion and isolation and tentatively said this shipping is hugely profitable if we open up shipping we will daqing can also make a lot.

The sea breeze in fact the fourth master has been on tour every year for these years but she missed it for various reasons otherwise she is pregnant or the child is too young she is worried and now the.

Who has no ink in her stomach should not lose this ugliness when she worked in the ministry of works she had nothing to do all day so it would be better to go to honglu temple a relaxing place and she felt.

But I heard that lao jiu should not have a fleet so he can do this the business is because he spends money to buy these western things at the wharf and then sells them at high prices in the capital these.

And the thirteenth uncle sent them away speaking of er bo since he arrived in jinling er Keto Pills Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost bo has kept himself in the courtyard every day green tea caffeine diet pills carcinoma and has not gone out to drink it is said that huang mafa reprimanded.

Agitated but it was not big and mrs geng and mrs niu colu were envious they had not received any good news since they entered the mansion want to get when do you lose the most weight pregnant and wu shi has not been pregnant in these years.

Sesame cakes which were very fragrant and asked me to go and get some hong yan took out an oiled how eating fiber can help you lose belly fat paper bag from his arms it should be still hot now you should eat it now or after how much does options medical weight loss cost dinner eat after dinner.

The capital but also near the capital many chain stores are also very prosperous even in jiangnan huguang canton and other places have opened stores although of course not all prefectures and counties have.

Mistakenly dress up like this because she is a man you must know that the current man s bun is a braid with only the tail of the hair and the hair in front of the forehead must be shaved little cola couldn.

The two sisters can drink alcohol if not I will best weight loss medicines drugs let ziyu go to the tea room if you don t want to drink tea I will let the small dining room it s good to make some fruit juice will do I can do it too song.

The fifth grade although their own .

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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift j e garcia weight loss Weight Loss Pill Shark Tank. abilities must be outstanding there is also the promotion of the fourth Stories That Lift how much does options medical weight loss cost master otherwise it will not be possible without money people in beijing are all watching people.

And put the rest aside those fabrics and salted duck eggs specialties such as salted duck are divided into one point everywhere it is still the same as before the thickness of the main courtyard is.

And she is not too much in the end after her wrangling with the shopkeeper she spent a total of 25 000 to get these things because the piano was too big to hold the carriage that song ran was sitting in.

Children and daughters under her knees and secondly she will adopt after she gives birth to a child raised him since childhood this child will also be close to the main courtyard rongyin heard pei er s.

Livelihood however xiao cola is not too worried it can be said that she weight loss with exercise is not under pressure she doesn t care whether the answer is good or not after all she is just a woman who doesn t understand the.

Gifts all the goodies she bought in yangzhou jinling and other places were sent back but she did not send the things she bought in suzhou taizhou pengcheng and other places to the inn I brought it back.

Bought master she looked carefully in the attribute column she found that master zhao could not only know the rhythm but also the western language when the time comes let a few children follow her to learn.

Ama after planning for a few days yinzhen saved by the bell jesse diet pills gif how much does options medical weight loss cost chose the address in the suburbs of beijing on zhuangzi shipbuilding was started he originally wanted to try it at the pier but it was too ostentatious and he.

Niang for fear of being taken by someone with a heart but e niang said that if it was really taken by outsiders it would have no effect so she didn t have to worry but she still took it with her come on let.

Months and she is sleepy on weekdays how much does options medical weight loss cost Keto Diet Shark Tank eating the symptoms of fatigue and weakness she she how much does options medical weight loss cost will not have a good news mrs su and mrs geng also reacted after being .

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how much does options medical weight loss cost One Shot Keto Shark Tank Episode, Shark Tank Weight Loss Product j e garcia weight loss Adele Weight Loss. reminded by those around how much does options medical weight loss cost them mrs su felt.

Two sisters drink you will know if you try it wu shi also said song ran also laughed and told bai xue to go two more jars of wine she was afraid that one jar was not enough before they came in niu coluo and.

If only the carriage could be made less bumpy .

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j e garcia weight loss Shark Tank Keto Diet (Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women) how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift. little coke only brought one waiter on this trip female because this kangxi southern tour was not for sightseeing it was inconvenient to bring too many female.

Better like thirteen they were regular visitors to four baylor house although the relationship is not as good as the fourth master and the thirteenth master it is much better than the tit for tat.

Be broken this is also the reason why she bought more than a dozen in one go she has many brothers and sisters and she also has a few fore mothers to give away less is not enough to divide you anyway I have.

She also borrowed the light of princess wuwei it turns out to be like this song ran said ama is also the father in law of the grandfather and it is only natural to borrow his light in fact she felt that.

You want to prevent floods you need to do three o clock oh let s talk about it kangxi raised his eyebrows and said he originally I didn t expect uledan to say anything ugly but just wanted to lead her to.

Started so they looked at song ran tentatively song ran was stunned for a moment and then realized that the two of them were waiting for .

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Do Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills Work ?j e garcia weight loss One Shot Keto Shark Tank Weight Loss Product On Shark Tank how much does options medical weight loss cost Stories That Lift.

(Keto Pills Walmart) j e garcia weight loss, how much does options medical weight loss cost Weight Loss Pill Shark Tank Shark Tank Keto Gt. her to drink first she smiled in her heart before she and wu clan su.

Can make a sturdy and practical boat she still wants to go out to sea with her but this is just thinking about it as the side fujin of the fourth master s backyard she is afraid that this goal will not be.

Eat dishes but when song jian released it how to lose belly fat if you have muscle already his sister in law didn t follow him instead he took the children in beijing which was also because the canton house was too far away and the capital is really one.

Button for each of them and some books and she also bought herself a book on the art of war she is still very interested in after buying the gifts they headed home the guards who came with them slowly.

Gained the emperor s attention and she was afraid that sibeile would have to follow suit today the tour Weight Loss Products On Shark Tank j e garcia weight loss of the river did not go back until noon in the afternoon xiao kele did not return to the residence but.

A half months pregnant the expression on li shuang s face was stunned and there was an irresistible joy between his eyebrows and eyes lips have been unable to bear live up want to laugh and feel like.