Hidden Power Games

Using hidden games in a virtual reality (VR) world to control resources, a secret society will do anything to level the playing field for everyone on Earth while an unlikely team unites to prevent one organization from controlling the world’s resources. Season 1: After Zena and her father sell the virtual reality game world they created together, Zena finds out about a secret backdoor in the VR world. This secret world allows powerful people to control resources. Zena unites an unlikely team to penetrate the secret world and prevent a California town from turning to dust. Can Zena take down the secret society without losing everything – including her grasp on reality?

Topics: VR, Spy Games, Homelessness, Water Access Story  Artists: Ali MacLean, Artists like Injection Artists: Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey’s art and Jordie Bellaire’s color – maybe Amelia Woo, Gates of Midnight art