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Make him unhappy hearing this tao s expression became a little weird how did you judge that she is more interested in your creatures it s very simple it just depends on the time spent on this subject then how do you know how.

The amount involved is huge and it is inconvenient to transfer money I hope you can pay by bank card I have a bank card number or when we meet that day I will Stories That Lift cbd for recovery directly transfer the independent savings card with 50 000 yuan to.

You put in the time she and qiuheng in comparison the biggest gap is the time to get Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd for recovery in touch with this knowledge after all qiu heng has been in contact with him since junior high school and his practical ability is far.

Completely for public welfare thing he just nodded blindly and took note of what the three said just when they were about to reach a consensus suddenly there was a commotion at the gate of their su family then a nice female.

Competition su wan thought so and quickly plunged into the study I even bought a recovery potion from the system that I hadn t used for a long time I only slept 4 hours a day and the rest of the time was spent on quizzes in.

Security is closely related to us after all our life is completely inseparable from the internet .

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Does Cbd Make You Sleepy cbd for recovery Stories That Lift is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep. we pay with wechat among which how can our information be protected from being stolen and how can our money be guaranteed not to.

Knowledge related to cybersecurity and she is on a completely different level almost every day the tasks assigned to her by the system in fact she had already completed all the tasks two days earlier completed this week s.

The moment and reflection on his retreat How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil at that moment she was silent for a while then took a deep breath and raised her head I understand I m sorry I won t talk about this again in the future and I will try to catch up with.

Surface How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil she seems to be exactly the same as before nothing at all but the system understands su wan best it knows that su wan is very uncomfortable and unwilling at this moment in fact su wan is a very strong person in his.

Took a puff of cigarettes so why didn t he when mother su said this she suddenly said to su daniu actually when I think about it now xiaowan is already How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil very good and she doesn t need to be too good too good to go too far.

You don t have to force yourself to be so tired I didn t think so after su wan heard these words the smile on his face subsided a little and after a while he smiled and said it s not the same I still have to work hard huh the.

You don t have money jing zhishen saw the joy from her heart in her eyes the corners of his lips also raised slightly congratulations after speaking he was silent for a while and said after that you can relax a little bit and.

However there is still such a situation in this world where you are scrambling to throw money out for fear of not being able to throw it out yourself su daniu was completely at a loss he didn t know what to say and what to.

Computer screen clicked his tongue twice and squatted down the son with a shrewdness cbd for recovery in his smiling eyes lowered his voice and said in a voice that only two people could hear what I was so crazy about the teacher before and.

Sunglasses again and looked like he was about to leave father yun took the lead to get up and asked are you going to leave we don t cbd for recovery get together anymore no there is still work ouyang qi refused and at the same time looked.

Would have beaten me up for what you just said su wan took a step back qiu heng continued why do you think I am with you I will never in order to have a good relationship with whomever I am familiar with I will be in a group.

Don t do things that violate the law or discipline or seriously violate morality we ms ouyang will also support the two are at work finally there is one more thing that is your youngest daughter su muyu s health is not very.

Subconsciously he as the general manager of all competitions he knows what kind of players any competition class has but this year he didn t know who the biology competition class was you know su cbd gummies naples wan alas I am also slow to.

Hours four hours to deal with daily chores cbd for recovery and other chores and 20 hours of practical learning time but even so she made a rough calculation cbd for recovery and wanted to catch up with qiu heng before the official start of the competition.

System s skin however when the poor return to poverty su wan is still cautious when facing this function can I have a general understanding of the difficulty of the task su wan asked although she likes this feature she gummy bears cbd amazon also.

With his hands behind his head he said leisurely don t get excited teacher I don t have a place in the school um I was directly invited by the organizer so teacher you can still choose three more groups to participate in the.

Finger is scalded by the flame and from then on it will form a conditioned reflex and when encountering flames it pros and cons of cbd oil for anxiety will instinctively avoid it but su wan s behavior cbd for recovery Pure Cbd Gummies was to completely overcome his own instincts knowing what it.

T worry I won t care about it and he will encounter any difficulties in learning any help needed I will help uncle li remained silent and he understood after listening on the side that su wan couldn t see he straight smile.

Award .

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Best Cbd Oil For Sleep cbd for recovery Best Cbd Gummies, is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil. shen xijia s words awakened the dreamer yang chen murmured that s right what if she likes your math she she is still the best cub in our biology competition Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd for recovery class no I still have to train it according to my previous.

On he said quickly yes yes let s go ahead and talk later the house is relatively poor I hope you don t dislike it too much the three big bosses did not mean to dislike it and waved their hands indicating that su daniel would.

Talking about other things and enjoyed the food to the fullest su wan was in a very cbd oil for weight loss reddit relaxed mood under the commotion of several people the entrance of the food made it even more enjoyable to eat a meal all everyone eats.

Also to cultivate talents in this field for our country from an early age so if you are interested in this aspect this How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil is a good opportunity to learn about it if you can participate by yourself try your best to participate in.

Their family s long standing problems could be solved he was afraid that if he said something wrong and ran away his popularity he was afraid that he would be able to blame himself for the rest of his life ouyang qi attention.

Su daniu chatted for a while su daniu just said a few a big boss saw her potential and came to support her when he said this su wan s heart skipped a beat and for some reason the faces of uncle yun and uncle fu appeared in.

S thinking ability reached its limit she just stopped but I didn t waste time doing other things to rest but exchanged .

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cbd for recovery Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, Cbd For Sleep Gummies is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. the enhanced version of the recovery potion to dispel the negative state and quickly fall asleep it can be.

The time being but you can still looking for a partner in the class and signing up to participate can be considered to gain experience and learn about the industry at the same time you are only a freshman in high school this.

Couldn t help but sigh it s cbd for recovery sour ji yutao put down the pen and cbd for recovery nodded well that child has been playing steadily and steadily and it is not surprising to have such results speaking of which our biology is different many of.

Dormitory again and went outside at this moment everyone was also studying around the daping table and when they saw su wan coming out there was a smile on their is cbd gummies legal in ny face that couldn t be suppressed no matter what jing zhishen.

Drank the recovery potion provided by the system he usually fell asleep and fell asleep why is it still not working now the system has also noticed that su wan s state is wrong and immediately reminded is cbd oil sold in grayson kentucky him the host s big the.

Weakened liang deke spoke slowly can cbd oil help a stroke victims pain a year after stroke .

Can Cbd Oil De

is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. we want to do cybersecurity all first of all we have to understand network security liang deke s voice was slow and slow but the classmates in cbd for recovery the class waited silently for his words network.

More confused his lips touched up and down but he couldn t say a word the driver continued to ask excuse me you are su daniu s family right I am su daniu nodded the driver smiled and nodded our boss is looking for you please.

Light in his brain cbd dose for pain my mind was so clear that I could hardly feel the tiredness of last night but even though I m not tired but the pain of select cbd oil drops being completely exhausted last night was still firmly left in her mind even su wan.

Help of others is the kindness of others but I can t take these help for granted just because of this luck su wan said with this funding su wan really feels long a pollen cbd gummies long sigh of relief but in the same way she can t be slack.

Help in the future you can contact us at any time during the conversation ouyang qi handed over a business card su daniu quickly took it in fear after giving the business card ouyang qi smiled sweetly put on his hat and.

Continued okay the three big bosses with the development of su wan after she graduates there will still be many times when she needs help and that s when you really need you give me this chance the three bosses nodded in.

Name will appear on the property certificate however in su wan s heart she never took it seriously as the .

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is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. saying goes a gentleman loves money cbd for recovery and takes it in a proper way she has always believed in the it is said in the four.

Really get it the best cbd gummies for the money wouldn t she want to become a peerless genius su wan made up for the exaggerated scene with a rare brain and the corners of his lips couldn t help but rise desperately the next day today is the time when the.

Did she not have any vague memory but she even remembered it more clearly and clearly this discovery made su wan heave a sigh of relief and at the same time he also felt more to himself a bit of confidence this enhanced.

Security development foundation to trying python attack hit script development she is the same to learn and practice under such a learning rhythm su wan himself can clearly feel his progress her brain is rapidly enriched with.

System library and found the books on the compulsory two and three books of biology from the point of view of the main task this is relatively easy to complete as for the content of network security once she is invested she.

Bones since she was bound to the sign in system although she encountered many difficulties along the way there is no doubt that the people around her regard her as a scholar and what she decides to do the people around her.

This state at 11 30 am the next day she officially finished writing all the lecture notes distributed in the school at present her homework is placed on many other classmates I am afraid they can proudly Cbd Oil For Sleep cbd for recovery announce to the world.

Nervous hands and his breathing became a little short and cbd for recovery when his eyes accidentally saw the car the big boss was sitting in his heart beat heavily in cbd for recovery an instant while working on the is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Sleep construction site he heard a co worker.

Say when he faced this scene doing what people cbd oil or gummies on both sides don t seem to want it how can he speak so that he won t offend people he knew Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd for recovery very well is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Cbd Gummies For Sleep in his heart that the rare chance of this matter might be this time and.

The future if it is achieved and you still have with more wealth what are you going to do this time su wan was silent she has never thought about this kind of problem what she is currently facing is that her family .

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When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil, cbd for recovery Cbd Oil Gummies Cbd Oil For Sleep. is so poor.

Not saying anything in her heart but now su daniel took the initiative to mention it and she also expressed her concerns in a timely manner yeah the city is not like our country we all know each other I heard from aunt wang.

The corners of his lips that he couldn t hold back showed his happiness this year our biology competition class finally has an interesting one which is enough gifted student yang chen said oh who is it ji yutao asked.

Understood su wan s thoughts the system explained faintly originally you .

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When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil, cbd for recovery Cbd Oil Gummies Cbd Oil For Sleep. need gold coins to start but it s just a the host is too economical using gold coins as a bet has no urging effect on the host so the system.

The host but after giving it now looking at the host s actions it realizes that it seems to have done something bad with good intentions the system receives it the host waits for a while the system looks for the computer of.

Competition is held every year in the second and third year of high school the strength has caught up and then I can you buy cbd oil at sprouts will team up .

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Can My Dog Take Cbd Oil With Rimadyl ?cbd for recovery Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, Cbd For Sleep Gummies is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid.

is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. with qiu heng to challenge the award after liang deke finished speaking both of them knew that.

Certain amount of money every week to activate the game and the game housekeeper will comprehensive analysis and judgment of the host cbd for recovery s ability and then help the host to arrange the tasks that need to be completed this week.

S hind legs although she also knew that this was a fact even cbd gummies make me tired when qiu heng was looking for her to set up a match she herself proposed this the problem but now that the teacher said that she still felt a deep sense of.

To do every day and they can t stay here casually su daniu got up quickly with sincerity and sincerity fear to send a few people away even when he sent a few people out of here his heart was full of disbelief he couldn t.

Suddenly turned red although children in rural areas have long been in charge of their homes but mothers have no confidence in their children in her eyes su wan was nothing but a child she had never been away from home for so.

Definitely do it uncle will wait for two months to see you win the award looks like it father yun said with a smile su wan blushed a little after being praised like this I don t dare to say that I won the award after all cbd for recovery i.

Was time to go to bed and the exhaustion of her brain also told her that it was difficult for her to persevere however now she is in .

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Best Cbd Oil For Sleep cbd for recovery Best Cbd Gummies, is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil. a very bad state it s true that she s tired she s so tired that she reads the words in the.

A quick way to gain influence su wan tong you are really good has the potential to be a profiteer you know the system is a little embarrassed the host has won the prize she still somewhat overestimated the thickness of the.

Voice came over boss yun boss fu boss qiu if I m one step late I m afraid you won t rob me of my business what with this sound that made people s ears soft a woman who was dressed cbd for recovery in exquisite clothes and full of elegance.

Students may still complain when liang deke said this he couldn t help raising his voice after all he was in charge of this matter I don t know who would suddenly step in and make his job difficult qiu heng heard him then.

For a moment then take a deep breath and cheer yourself up stand up in fact the difficulties she is facing now seem to be too big to overcome but when she thinks about it what she has now is not comparable to what she was at.

And don t want to worry too much it s okay no problem su wan responded quickly cbd oil gold after this topic was over everyone s attention was focused newly returned to the food in front of me hey I haven t had much of this chicken soup.

Possible after the two day competition class su wan felt that the teachers seemed to be a little different from before it s not that the teacher is wrong it s her attitudes are significantly different from those in the past.

After class I was humming a little song in the office ji yutao was preparing a lesson plan for tomorrow s class hearing the out of tune ditty he could feel the mood of the person coming he raised his head and suddenly saw the.

Get the prize yang chen raised his chin and asked well it s not bad the attitude of taking up classes here during the holidays is indeed better than when he was in school although ji yutao didn t know what yang chen wanted to.

You look with these words su wan pursed her lips healthy leaf cbd capsules and replied quickly by typing sorry uncle li I just saw this news so I don t need to transfer money actually I haven t done that much it was all thanks to jing zhishen s own.

History textbooks the attention of the system again fell on the the host who devotes himself to learning in the space is su wan then full of anticipation my host how far can you go in the future will it also paint a rich and.

That she is under pressure to pay tuition fees for school parents save for the whole year without necessarily buying a new dress for their three children being poor enough to treat his sister su muyu is a cbd oil to replace weed for pregnancy big problem she.

Ones she wants to help them as much as she can and like her there are some girls in the countryside who wanted to go to school but were forced to drop out of does cbd oil help with groin injuries reddit school to work because of their family s conditions if she has a.

Took me to apply for a tutor in fact he wanted to help me I did cbd for recovery encounter some difficulties before she took a deep breath the corners of his lips raised a smile but I am very lucky the difficulties I have encountered have.

Hesitated for a moment then nature boost cbd gummies review picked it up uncle li s friendly Cbd Oil For Sleep cbd for recovery voice came from inside su wan I didn t bother you I was afraid that I couldn t speak .

Does Cbd Oil Without Thc Work As Well

is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. clearly so I called directly no no su can you use cbd oil on an open wound wan said quickly that s fine you say no.

Matter if she likes your subjects as long as you can represent the school in .

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Does Cbd Make You Sleepy cbd for recovery Stories That Lift is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help Sleep. the what are the side effects of cbd hemp oil competition you won t be able to win awards and there are no rules that say you can only participate in how expensive are cbd gummies a few subjects and you can only win one.

School arranges the start of the competition class it is still a two day cycle after five competition classes one day off every monday except for oneself in addition to the competition class there are additional things that.

Hard to improve and unknowingly .

How Much Does Cbd Oil Cost Near Me ?

  • 1.Can Cbd Oil Cause Arrythmia
  • 2.When Did Cbd Oil Become Legal In Sc
  • 3.Will Ingesting Cbd Oil
  • 4.Can Cbd Oil Show Up On A Pee Test
  • 5.Did You Do Cbd Oil While Nursing

is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. has su wan s mental power already mentioned this level the mental power can reach cbd for recovery Pure Cbd Gummies more than 120 if it is not wrong as the data memory of the system many of them should cbd for recovery already be celebrities in.

Can get it it s the same as going out to work but it s not all hard earned but he fought physical strength su wan fights for the brain but these days su wan sent home the money although he received it it was useless he wanted.

Wan and it really went a lot smoothly the three of father yun came well prepared so the topic progressed very quickly under their leadership in less than half an hour they had already explained to father su what they were.

Definitely not be a problem su wan thought of this abandoned other distracting thoughts and began to devote himself to it and began to learn these two parts more efficiently day after day su wan felt that in his life apart.

System couldn t help feeling moved by su wan s willpower you know although can you smoke lipid pneumonia from cbd oil in a pipe business the enhanced version of the recovery potion purchased in the city can quickly clean up the negative state allowing the user to spend nala labs cbd gummies shark tank .

Will You Feel Anything From Cbd Oil ?

When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil, cbd for recovery Cbd Oil Gummies Cbd Oil For Sleep. .

Could Cbd Oil Make Anxiety Worse ?

Best Cbd Oil For Sleep cbd for recovery Best Cbd Gummies, is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil. the.

Competition I will not occupy the quota liang deke for some reason although this was obviously a good thing for him why did he feel so uncomfortable when he make cbd oil with coconut oil heard it with a complicated look he looked at qiu heng again and.

With su wan at this moment while pulling the food into his mouth he asked su daniu in a low mood dad when will my sister come back ah isn t she coming back this new year su daniu glanced at him and told him to have a good.

Disappoint her sorry the last chance was because of the system upgrade the compensation given to the .

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is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. host if you want to get the most complete part of this function the host needs to complete the second task of the main line.

Deep learning research competition during the competition he rushed all the way to the semi finals won awards won glory for the school and won glory for him as a biological competition tutor he didn t think about it that much.

Good right we ms ouyang decided that all the treatment costs of su muyu including the later surgery costs will be fully paid by us you only need to follow the instructions doctor s advice take good care of her when she grows.

Even hacked the teacher s computer now I know that I have to ask the teacher for help so you have hacked the teacher s computer before give the teacher a step down say you just made a mistake and the teacher will report it.

Inconvenient to best cbd gummies sleep gummies revise it if the teacher really wants us to win the award and win glory for the school it is better to tutor us nature sensation cbd oil in our spare time liang deke was left speechless he looked at su wan and then at the point where.

Honest and honest farmer in front of him suddenly he guessed something and quickly explained you don t have to be nervous we have nothing else .

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is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Does Cbd Help With Sleep Cbd Gummy Effects cbd for recovery Stories That Lift. to do here just to talk about matters related to funding for su wan it is also the.

Bragging about his bragging rights statistics about cbd oil being good for you at that time the co worker pointed to a car with such a logo and told him about it just this car people like us can t make money without eating or drinking for three lifetimes su daniu.

After all the hard work at least go home and relax can you test positive for marijuana if you take cbd oil during the holidays su daniu glared at her when he heard this persuade her not to study it s not that you don t understand wan s temper she s stubborn she has already decided.

Yet so why is it gone I m going fu siqing don t snatch it from me the last shrimp leave it to me qiu heng posed with fu si clean and grab shrimp to eat su wan look what else you want to eat hurry up and put it in your own.

Output without her needing to perform any subsequent operations is all automatically generated what part did she get wrong su wan was a little messy she tried another part of the content again but the result this time was the.

The rewards for the middle school students cybersecurity competition have come down the champion bonus is 30 000 yuan su wan s pupils trembled violently thirty thousand yuan su wan s heart skipped a beat when he heard the.

Which are for the cbd for recovery college entrance examination and the rest the so called liking there are dreams in this industry etc don t mention it which also leads us to the past years the results in biology have been mediocre and there.

Do with this three legged cat kung fu then he received contempt from everyone but cbd for recovery contempt is contempt and everyone knows in their hearts that they are telling the truth they are all just newcomers to the industry and if rock springs wy cbd oil they.

Is it since zhenzhen told you before you have unintended house hearing this su wan can be sure the father and son are both serious but if he speaks out now even if he is talking about a villa it will not be long before her.

Tone suddenly became arrogant qiuheng of course you have nothing to say about your strength even among college students many people who specialize in this major are not as good as you so it s easy for you to participate in.

That maybe the two of them already knew about her family situation she felt a little more moved in her heart this time she was not in a hurry refused she pursed her lips and said to the two of them cbd for recovery Pure Cbd Gummies from the bottom of her.

Be higher after speaking su wan returned to his bed and closed the curtain the so called self independent space the efficiency will be higher of course only to enter the space without telling them in the space there is a full.

This keoni cbd gummies for diabetes situation then she still has a way to go father yun and father fu both smiled they chatted casually for some family affairs and suddenly father fu thought How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil of something and asked su wan su wan uncle has a question for you.

Very high biology teachers are very clear about this therefore even the attitude of students who are studying in the biology competition is relatively sloppy compared to the mathematics competition class and the physics.

Going to do for su wan matter at the same time they also made it clear to father su that their requirements for su wan are very simple that is they cannot do anything to smear the company in the future and other than that.

Lowered his eyes slightly uncle li xiaowan the final exam results have come down it s almost like a miracle that ah shen got into the top ten in the class according to the agreement we will pay you 50 000 yuan as a reward but.

Her she felt in a trance are their most advanced computers already antiques in the system su wanzheng everyone is messed up but regardless of whether it is an antique or not with this computer her next exercises will.

Does not want to withdraw immediately so she will complete the relatively simple task first the workload is relatively heavy just wait for this to be How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil completed and solve it in one go after su wan made a plan the speed of.

Even more pressure of course he knew very well that su wan would what s the reason for this fight he could feel that since the last time su wan came back and learned about mu yu s situation she .

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When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil, cbd for recovery Cbd Oil Gummies Cbd Oil For Sleep. seemed to be a different person.

Much time .

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cbd for recovery Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, Cbd For Sleep Gummies is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. she spends on biology from the learning progress of the course and the completion of the homework ji yu tao smiled without saying a word he already knew it in his heart and he didn t want to dismantle yang chen s.

Usually works outside he has seen some characters and many big bosses dress like this su daniu became a little cramped he quickly touched his pocket and took out a stick handing cigarettes to the big boss is a habit developed.

Are very strong now and the competition Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd for recovery will start in less than a month I can t guarantee a month s time cbd oil and bodybuilding how much my strength can be improved speaking of this su wan clenched his fists and then gritted his teeth and said the.

Everyone s eyes fell on the end of the class from the first class it was qiu heng who was playing with his computer in silence if who is the strongest person here qiu heng is the second no one dares to recognize the first.

Would be no other accidents in case there is an accident when su muyu needs surgery she has no money then she will die in pain now cloud the words of uncle and uncle fu seemed to be the last hope in her heart if faced with.

Plan whether I can make it to the next year or not depends on her tsk tsk tsk hold the student s thigh don t be so upright cbd for recovery you have to be a little bit like a teacher be reserved shen xijia teased what are you reserved for can.

She felt how long dies it take to feel tge effects of cbd oil unwilling but she was very sure that she could definitely do it so she tried her best and tried her best to prove herself but this time she was still unwilling but she had some doubts about her ability she thought.

Who was following behind regained his senses first tugged at su daniel s sleeve and pouted into the house motioning for someone to come in what does the pestle at the door mean su daniu suddenly came back to his senses come.

Sure if they can reach this level in a thousand years and these basic things she does not need to do at all the computer program can automatically analyze and get the corresponding program she originally wanted to practice on.

Application and development of the system it cannot be done only through memory simulation and it is necessary to directly connect to the computer for practical learning although what cbd for recovery they need to learn now is not very deep.

Was like to be scalded he did not hesitate to put his hand on it again knowing how painful such high intensity study will be in the end she has no hesitation before starting to study every day she does not need to do any.

Is correct after completing the weekly tasks assigned by the system not only will the funds invested by yourself be returned in full but also funds at the corresponding odds set by the system according to the difficulty will.

Entering the How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last is hemp oil extract the same as cbd oil state was very fast fortunately she had experience in intensive reading of mathematics textbooks before although there are still many parts that are not easy to understand in the compulsory biology textbooks it.